DIY: Save the Dates

When it comes to your wedding day, it’s all in the details. Picking the perfect save the date cards and invitations will add a detailed touch and really set the tone for your wedding. Calligraphy is an elegant and perfect choice, but it often costs a pretty penny. This inspired us to create a DIY to make your own calligraphy paper goods! We don’t want you to compromise your budget or your sanity. We know that DIYs involving handwriting are often a difficult task, but behold! This step-by-step tutorial will let you make those calligraphy save the dates (or even your invitations, escort cards or menus) with ease.


Supplies Needed:


-Calligraphy Font

-Stationery/Cardstock Paper

-Chisel tipped Calligraphy Markers (thick + fine tipped)

-Paper Trimmer



Step 1: Choose Your Font

Choose your favorite calligraphy font whether already in Microsoft Word, or downloaded from online. There are so many fun fonts available for personal use online. See which you like and what would work best for your wedding style. We chose to print out a few first to help make the decision. 


{Font: Misti’s Fonts}


Step 2: Format in Microsoft Word

Design your stationary with the font you chose in Microsoft Word. Set the formatting to landscape, two columns, centered, light grey font, to 0.5 margins for the top and bottom, and 0.3 margins on left and right. Mess around a little bit with the spacing and sizing of the words to find the best fit for all of your details.


Step 3: Print and Prep

Get the paper of your choice, cut it to standard printer size 8.5 x 11 inches if necessary, load into the printer tray, and print as many copies as you need. Once you’ve printed, cut the pages in half! It will make it so much easier to use a sliding paper cutter, but scissors by hand get the job done. We chose a classic white card stock with cold undertones, but you can personalize your stationary by choosing a color from your palette or paper with design.  



Step 4: Calligraphy Time

Now you’re ready to grab your calligraphy marker and trace away! Be sure to keep consistent strokes and a steady hand. We recommend tracing the larger words with the larger tipped marker, and the smaller words with fine tipped.

Some tips: practice on scratch paper first to really get the feel of your pens, hold the marker so that only one point of the chisel touches the paper, and try to use fluid motions. We’ve found that this makes it easier to create steady fine lines.



Step 5: Final Touch

Add any final touches and viola your calligraphy save the date cards are ready to send out! 


We can’t wait to see how yours come out!

{Article Written with Love by Events by Rebecca Intern, Monica Nelson}

Rebecca Ferrick

Rebecca Ferrick

Rebecca is the founder of Events by Rebecca, a Boutique Wedding and Events company based in Sacramento, CA.

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